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About H2O


H2O is committed to educate the general public about the importance of nutrition and provide our customers with the highest quality nutrition supplements. H2O strives to meet every customer’s personal needs by designing the most effective and suitable supplement and nutritional program to our customers. H2O ensures that the products are always green, effective and scientifically proven.

Products & Services 

H2O provides the following products and services throughout Malaysia:

-Whole range of nutrition supplements
-Purest water filtration system (Adopted by NASA for its astronaut since 1993 till now)
-Free nutritional and medical consultation
-Free courses about disease and nutrition
-Weight management program
-And a lot more

H2O Team

Dr. Desmond Ng Hang Chan, MBBS (UM)
Dr. Desmond Ng has been practicing as a medical doctor for nearly 25 years. He is the speaker of numerous health and nutritional talks throughout Malaysia and in some other countries. Even though he is a very experienced doctor, he still constantly learning to keep himself up-to-date. He will be providing the medical and nutritional consultation service on behalf of H2O.

Teoh Sze Soong, Dip MLT (MAHSA)
One of the co-founder of H2O, Teoh, a medical laboratory technologist and scuba diving instructor, believes that a healthier body leads to a more enjoyable life, and nutrition is the way to provide a person with a healthier body.

Bruce Lee Si Feng, BSc(Hons) Biomedical Science (UTAR)
One of the co-founder of H2O, Bruce Lee, a young, energetic biomedical scientist, strives to provide the general public with a natural way to obtain good health. His life-long mission is: Share with the general public about the idea of live-long and healthily.


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