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Cinch™ Shake Mix (Vanilla, Chocolate & Cafe Latte)

Canister/15 servings

Shaklee ® Cinch™ Shake Mix is a quick and healthy answer to “What is for breakfast?” or “What is for lunch?”. Shaklee ® Cinch™ Shake is a great tasting, nutritious way to help retain that all important muscle and keep you feeling full and satisfied while you lose weight. Our proprietary formula is Powered by Leucine™, the amino acid that signals the body to preserve muscle during weight loss. In other words, the leucine in Shaklee ® Cinch™ Shake Mix helps you keep muscle so you lose fat.

Each time you drink a Shaklee ® Cinch™ Shake, you get 24 grams of protein. And that’s important. Why? Because protein is used to build muscle, and muscle is what keeps your metabolism up and burns calories. Protein-rich foods also hold off hunger, which can help reduce between-meal snacking. And let’s not forget about that muscle-sparing leucine and essential nutrients your body needs.

-Provides the benefits of a meal, but tastes like dessert
-24 grams of protein per serving help you feel satisfied and full
-High in fiber, with 6 grams per serving
-Low glycemic to retain normal blood sugar levels and sustain energy
-Delivers 35% or more of the Daily Value of 21 essential vitamins and minerals
-No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
-Non-GMO soy


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