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GLA Complex

MAL 07021517XC
60 capsules/60 servings

Most GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) Complex available in the market is produced from Evening Primrose Oil (EPO). Shaklee GLA Complex is produced from borage which contains more than 2 times of GLA than in EPO. Borage is 3 times more bioavailable and effective than EPO. Borage chosen by Shaklee is planted organically in the district of Saskatchewan.

Each capsule contains more than 300 mg of GLA which is the best source of Omega 6. It is combined with sunflower oil and Vitamin E to increase its potency and stability. The freshness and potency are protected by ShakleeGuard, a patented natural anti-oxidant. Its bioavailability is clinically proven whereby it can be absorb and blend into cells and tissues.

Key Benefits:
-Regulates hormones in men and women
-Improves PMS symptoms
-Improves menopause conditions
-Improves prostate problems
-Improves men’s frequent urination problems
-Fights cancer
-Reduces skin inflammation
-Relieves pain and swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis
-Lower blood sugar
-Relieves numbness and aches caused by high blood sugar
-Effective for diabetes during pregnancy and old age
-Lower LDL cholesterol
-Prevents weight gain
-Suppresses stomach hyperacidity
-Prevents blood clot
-Stimulates blood circulation
-Prevents and improves high blood pressure
-Prevents heart problems
-Improves dry hair and hair loss conditions
-Beneficial for children with autism, hyperactive and difficulty in study


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