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MAL 07031133XC
90 capsules/30 servings

The World’s Finest Fish Oil

Protect Your Heart
Shaklee ® OmegaGuard™ provides full spectrum potency of ultrapure, pharmaceutical grade omega 3 fatty acids.

Helps Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
Supportive but nor conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Shaklee ® OmegaGuard™ is extracted from cold water deep sea fish (sardine, mackerel, herring, anchovy) along the coast of Japan, not from cod fish liver oil (excessive intake of fish liver oil will cause toxic), Shaklee fish oil is 3 times denser than cod liver oil, it is the source of the most natural healthy EPA, DHA and ALA. Comparing with other Omega-3 products in the market, Shaklee ® OmegaGuard™ contains all 7 types of Omega-3. One serving of Shaklee ® OmegaGuard™ provides 905mg of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids.

Research also shows that high levels of omega 3 fatty acids promote cardiovascular health and help retain normal blood pressure and triglycerides levels. In addition, omega 3s support healthy brain, vision and joint function.

Ultrapure and Pharmaceutical Grade
Shaklee ® OmegaGuard™ is made with a proprietary, triple molecular distillation process that concentrates the natural beneficial omega 3 fatty acids while removing harmful compounds like mercury and lead that are found in many types of fish.

World’s Finest Fish Oil
Contains a full spectrum of seven naturally occurring omega 3 fatty acids EPA, DHA, ALA and more. EPA benefits your heart and joints, while DHA is critical for brain development and function.

Key Benefits:
-Provides essential fatty acids
-Prevents blood vessel disease and stroke
-Helps in development of foetus brain
-Improves memory
-Enhances immune system
-Nourishes lungs
-Prevents cancer
-Improves arthritis
-Improves insomnia
-Improves stress related problems


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