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Peppermint-Ginger Plus

MAL 07082892TC
90 tablets/30 servings

Combination of 4 main herbs of the Orient and Western, produced under standardized procedure with the latest technology.

Clinically proven to improve: nausea, gastric disorder, sea sick, bloated stomach (wind), burping, indigestion hyperacidity, gastric pain and more.

Key Benefits:
Peppermint: Relaxes stomach muscles, it has calming effect. Helps in digestion, motion sickness, alleviates gastric pain, heart burn, diarrhea. Additionally, it alleviates the side effect such as vomit and loss of appetite arising from chemotherapy treatment. Peppermint stimulates the excretion of sweat, therefore it suppress fever when one is caught with cold. The cool and refreshing feeling of peppermint helps to keep clear mind and stay focus.

Ginger: The Chinese have been using ginger for more than 2000 years. Ginger stimulates the secretion of saliva enzyme for digestion of food. It alleviates stomach and intestines discomfort, menstrual pains, morning sickness and nausea of the pregnant, wind after child birth (during confinement). A study in the United Kingdom showed that ginger prevents the vomiting after surgery of woman patients; researchers in Switzerland discovered ginger is as effective as other common remedies in treating sea sick. Earlier research reports had concluded that ginger is effective in treating sickness during travelling.

Fennel: The European take fennel seed after meal to dispel bloated stomach. It relieves stomachache, alleviates symptoms of cold. Also, it helps in colon passage allergy problems by suppressing the convulsion activity of fine tissue in colon passage.

Anise: Used by ancient Egyptians. It relieves poor digestion and menstrual pain symptoms, cough and phlegm. It stimulates the secretion of gastric juice for digestion, suppress fungus that causes common skin diseases, relieves tropical heat and humid, circulates vital energy in the body and gentle to stomach.


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