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Performance® Maximum


539 gram/19 servings

First developed in 1980s by scientists of Shaklee and Yale University to help Daedalus pilot to complete the first human-powered flight programme. Performance® Maximum is the first high performance drink for athletes in USA. Powered by Performance® Maximum, Daedalus pilot made a history record (the longest human-powered flight) and this record still hold today.

Performance® Maximum is the designated drink for NASA space shuttle astronaut. It is the first choice for international athletes and explorers as well. It is one of the sports drinks which had helped athletes to break several world records.

Clinical tests have proved that its patented OptiCarb can increase muscles endurance by 6 times, provide sustained energy and enhance circulation. Compared with other high endurance sports drinks, Performance® Maximum has 67% more muscle glycogen synthesis fuel which provides energy for muscles.

Key Benefits:
-Increases endurance
-Provides energy and sustains physical endurance
-Prevents dehydration and keeps skin hydrated
-Maintains blood glucose level


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