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Sustained Release Vita-C ® 500mg

MAL 07010987XC
180 tablets/180 servings

“The science of natural sustained release” Vitamin C is first invented by Shaklee. Each tablet contains Vitamin C equivalents to 7.5 servings of whole fruit including skin (500 mg) and releases 1.5 servings of fruit Vitamin C into our body every hour. Clinical studies had proven that the Vitamin C in 2 tablets of Shaklee Vitamin C taken in 5 hours interval can stay in our plasma for 24 hours. Each tablet contains 120 mg of bioflavonoid (25% bioflavonoid, extracted from fruit skin) which is also called Vitamin C complex. It has the ability to increase the effectiveness of Vitamin C in our body, alleviates inflammation and fights bacteria infection and free radicals.

Key Benefits:
-Forms collagen
-Improves bleeding symptoms
-Strengthen immune system
-Fights cancer
-Beautifies skin
-Improves insomnia
-Maintains healthy cholesterol


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