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Vita-E Complex®

MAL 07021518XC
120 capsules/120 servings

Shaklee Vita-E Complex is the most complete Vitamin E complex in the market. Each softgel capsule provides 400 IU of naturally sourced Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol concentrate and mixed tocopherols concentrate) and 10 mg of natural selenium.

Shaklee Vita-E Complex is made of organic soybean oil and wheat germ oil, both are rich in Vitamin E. For 400 IU of Vitamin E, as contained in Shaklee Vita-E Complex, one needs to consume the following foods: 1 kg of wheat germ, 500 ml of safflower oil, 8 kg of spinach, 500 g of almond.

Natural selenium in Shaklee Vita-E Complex helps our body to absorb Vitamin E, protects cells’ membrane, red blood cells and muscles tissues, strengthens the efficacy of anti-oxidant and protects retina. It is also a natural detoxifier.

Key Benefits:
-Protects heart
-Protects red blood cell membrane
-Prevents lipid acidification
-Increases HDL cholesterol
-Lower blood pressure
-Prevents haemolytic anemia
-Enhances reproductive ability
-Fights cancer
-Strengthens immune system
-Prevents or delays tumor growth
-Improves cataract and vision problems
-Enhances sexual sustainability and energy
-Improves arthritis
-Prevents miscarriage
-Repairs inflamed wound and skin ulcer, lessens scar


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