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Vita-Lea® for Children Chewable


MAL 07021520XC
65 tablets/32 servings

Vita-Lea is the world first invented multi-vitamins and minerals. Originally named Vitalized-Mineral and shortened to “Vita-min”, hence the term of “vitamin”.

Vita-Lea® for Children Chewable is ideal for children as it is chewable, instead of having to swallow. It provides 19 essential vitamins and minerals for children, helps in maintaining good health of the children.

Nutritional Facts:
-Vitamin A
-Vitamin B1
-Vitamin B2
-Vitamin B3
-Vitamin B6
-Vitamin B12
-Pantothenic Acid
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin D
-Vitamin E

Key Benefits:
-Replenishes energy speedily
-Improves malnutrition
-Increases metabolism
-Provides nutrients to cells, induces cells regeneration
-Aids in growing up
-Keeps thyroid gland healthy
-Protects the functionality of kidney, heart and liver



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