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Vita-Lea® Iron Formula


MAL 07081506XC
120 tablets/60 servings

Vita-Lea is the world first invented multi-vitamins and minerals. Originally named Vitalized-Mineral and shortened to “Vita-min”, hence the term of “vitamin”.

Emergence of high technology has transformed this liquid based supplement (90 years ago) to today’s tablet form of Vita-Lea. Each tablet contains 30 complete daily nutrients extracted from vegetables and fruits, 12 vitamins and 7 essential minerals as stipulated by RDA, and also phytochemicals like alfalfa, kelp, rose hip, cherry, etc. formulated with most proportionate and well balanced content.

The tablet contains nutritional powder which is coated with Spirulina. It is produced by using the most advanced and complex explosive technology – “Explo-tab”. It is the world fastest multi-vitamin in term of the speed for it to be disintegrated in water and absorbed by the body. Its minerals integrate with protein for easy absorption by small intestines.

It is clinically proven that taking Vita-Lea for 1 year can reduce the rate of falling sick by 65%. It is chosen by USA Center for Science in Public Interest in year 2000 as THE BEST MULTI-VITAMIN.

Nutritional Facts:
-Vitamin A
-Folic Acid
-Vitamin B1
-Vitamin B2
-Vitamin B3
-Vitamin B5
-Vitamin B6
-Vitamin B12
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin D
-Vitamin E

Key Benefits:
-Replenishes energy speedily
-Improves malnutrition
-Increases reproductive ability
-Increases metabolism
-Provides nutrients to cells, induces cells regeneration
-Aids in growing up
-Keeps thyroid gland healthy
-Protects the functionality of kidney, heart and liver



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