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Zinc Complex


MAL 070311330XC
120 tablets/120 servings

Shaklee Zinc Complex is made of natural zinc gluconate combined with other natural nutrients such as calcium and alfalfa powder, made it easiest to absorb by our body. Zinc is suitable for long term consumption. It is effective in removing toxic metals such as cadmium and lead from human body.

Zinc is men’s treasure
Zinc in men’s prostate is 10 times greater than it is in other organs. Zinc plays an important role in men’s sex organs. Serious zinc deficiency will lead to various men’s problems such as delay in sex organs maturity, impotence, small or improper growth of testicles, low sperms count, deteriorate sexual function, pre-mature ageing and hair loss. Therefore, zinc is indispensable from growing teens to men of advanced age.

Key Benefits:
-Needed to activate more than 200 types of enzymes
-Maintains metabolism of bones for teen’s growth
-Helps in the formation of collagen and protein
-Improves diabetes
-Enhances immune system
-Accelerates wound recovery
-Improves prostate problems
-Maintains men’s sexual ability
-Needed in women’s ovulation
-Helps to contract uterus and restores its resilience
-Improves skin inflammation
-Maintains healthy and sensitive senses (taste and smell)


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